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Promas India


PROMAS India is a New Delhi based professionally managed Project Management Solution company offering Planning, Reserch, Organisational structuring, Marketing management, Analytics, Consultancy & Investment Advisory Services in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and real estate projects.


Full Body Jade Therapy Bed
Full Body Jade Therapy Bed INR 99000 INR 90000 Electrically Heated Vibrating with 9-11 rollers Korean Jade Technology for best results 5 Set programs Neck to toe massage for complete pain relief Remote control operated bed with Upward & downward tilting 40 mts therapy cycle for full body pain relief Helps in increased blood & oxygen flow throughout the body One year on site warranty True 1454210052
Detox Machine: Dual channel
Detox Machine: Dual channel INR 17500 INR 14000 Detox machine is used for detoxification of whole body by removing harmful toxins present in the body. Dual channel machine can be used to treat two persons simultaneously. It has a facility to plug-in your own taste of music during the entire detoxification cycle. The purpose is to de-stress & feel relaxed. True 1454314753
Yoga Mat Premium
Yoga Mat Premium INR 600 INR 600 Premium quality yoga mats available in three vibrant colours True 1454327495
BeeFill 2in1
BeeFill 2in1 INR 215000 INR 195000 World's best Obturation machine for dental treatment True 1454313657
TENS Machine
TENS Machine INR 3900 INR 2900 For details, please call or write to us True 1454376429
Leg & Foot Massager
Leg & Foot Massager INR 16000 INR 11500 Electrically Heated Pain relief massager for foot and leg Vibrating 3 speed mode Excellent results for stress busting on daily basis after work 20 mts daily exercise cycle True 1454209512
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Promas India G-46, Lower Ground Floor, Lajpat Nagar-III, New Delhi-110024, India
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